Sunday, May 27, 2012

The End

This blog is basically finished. I hope you who read it will see the human side to that era. Please remember to start at the beginning. The most recent post up is actually the end, if you are familiar with reading blogs.

Wolfhounds Forever  - and the Mighty10 are not forgotten!

Here is an excerpt from an email, telling how Robert died. My parents never knew all of this. I thank Leonard Brooks for sharing it with me. God bless you richly, Doc!

~ Pat I am sure that Robert wrote things the way he saw and believed them. I remember him as a quiet, soft spoken man, who didn't talk much and kind of kept to himself. Those were some very hard times and the platoon was made up of a lot of different personalities and attitudes, and we had each other , like it or not. Some people may and probably will get offended by some of the writings, however it is the truth for Roberts prospective and that's what really matters. The "Mighty 10" will always be a part of all of us.

The guys that I have spoken with all seem to remember Robert in the same way that I do. A quiet man who like all of us did what we were tasked to do to the best of our abilities. And Pat as I close these few lines , if there is anything we can help you with let us know. There will be a lot of conversation going on among us in May and you and your family can rest assure that Robert and the others of "The Mighty 10" will never be forgotten.

As a personal note to you and your family. I sit here with tears in my eyes because I was the very last person to speak with Robert that day. We had crawled back to the corner of a berm of one of the rice paddies after taking heavy causalities from the initial rocket, small arms, and heavy machine fire from the opposing force. They began to come out of the spots and attempted to walk over us.  Robert was between me and Gordon and we were pinned down. Raye, Orand, and Pottenger, were in the immediate area. I remember bandaging Orand's hand, Gordon's leg and re-enforcing the dressing to Pottenger's face. All had been shot. 

Robert then got hit in the hand and I bandaged that up. The fighting was very heavy and at close quarters. Then as Robert continued to fire at the forces, his rifle took a hit and as he was attempting to clear it, he got hit and he was gone instantly. Me and Gordon shared that with the other guys last May and now I am sharing it with you. Robert Hughes was a good Man !!!

Take Care Pat
Leonard Brooks ~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vietnam Memorial, Westervill High School

Dedication of Memorial

Purple Heart
Memorial Plan
Vietnam Military Merit
Vietnam Gallantry Cross
Bronze Star
Vietnam Service Medal
National Defense Service Medal