Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is a blog in memory of my brother. It consists of his letters home during 1967 - 1968. The letters began in May, and that is when they will begin to be posted - May 2011. For me personally, it's almost like being ferried by Charon across the River Styx......
As I recall, Robert was drafted, or had to report, on my birthday in January of 1967. Bummer. He had dropped out of the Ohio State University, and had expected to join up with a close buddy of his. The notice from the Army got there first.

(Sample notice, for those who will probably, prayerfully, never have to see one.)

We lived in a small college town in Ohio. Robert was 4 years younger than I was, and we were the only two little sprouts my parents had. We started out in Indiana, but moved in 1959.

These letters are not to my parents. Those letters have been lost - too painful to keep perhaps. My mother didn't know what Dad did with them, nor with a great many photos. Robert loved taking photos, shooting rolls and rolls of film. Only four or five slides remain. Who knows what happens? Dad lost most of my wedding slides, too.....

We had a neighbor, a school teacher, and mother of another of my brother's best friends. She saw the significance of the times, and an opportunity, and so Robert agreed to write a diary in letters, and send them to her. She was planning on publishing some of them, but Robert said not to, since it would only bring him problems from the Brass. And it's not without reason: he told it just the way he saw it.

The letters were lost for years, until I found the woman's daughter through an internet search. She unexpectedly sent them to me, but sadly not in time for Mom to see them. The daughter's name is mentioned often in the letters. Thank you, Marlynn! I love you!

Thanks also to the band of brothers who served with Robert. I am in contact with several and their input has been touching, invaluable, and accurate. They are my adopted brothers! They have encouraged me to publish the letters in their entirety and frankness. Thanks to all of you! The Mighty 10 will not be forgotten.